Medieval Studies @ UCSB

The University of California, Santa Barbara Medieval Studies Program is an interdisciplinary group of scholars and students exploring the many cultures of the European, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean Middle Ages (approximately  500 – 1500 CE) from the viewpoints of history, literature, art, music, drama, and religion.

2013 Graduate Student Conference Committee

  • Jonathan Forbes (English)
  • Lauren Horn Griffin (Religious Studies)
  • Anneliese Pollock (French and Italian)

Graduate Student Research at UC Santa Barbara


  • Aria Dal Molin (French and Italian), “Renée de France, spectatrice privilégiée de La Lena de Ludovic Arioste.” Women, Art and Culture in Medieval and Early Renaissance Europe. Eds. Cynthia Brown and Anne-Marie Legaré. Brepols, forthcoming.
  • Abby Dowling (History), “Landscape of Luxury: Mahaut d’Artois’ (1302-1329) Management and Use of the Park at Hesdin.” Rural Space. Eds. Albrecht Classen and Christopher Classon. de Gruyter, 2012.
  • Jessica Elliiott (History), “Jews ‘feigning devotion’:  Christian Representations of Converted Jews in French Chronicles before and after the Expulsion of 1306.” Jews and Christians in 13th-Century France: Culture, Society and Mutual Perceptions. Ed. Elisheva Baumgarten and Judah Galinsky. Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming.
  • Andrew Magnusson (History), “On the Origins of the Prophet Muhammad’s Charter to the Family of Salman al-Farisi.” ARAM Periodical, forthcoming.
  • Paul Megna (English), “Langland’s Wrath: Righteous Anger Management in The Vision of Piers Plowman.” Exemplaria 25.2 (2013).
  • Shannon Meyer (English), “Margaret’s Choice: Negotiating Space, Class Identity and Gender Ideologies in the Paston Letters.” New Medieval Literatures, 2014, forthcoming.
  • Megan Palmer Browne (English), “Chaucer’s Chauntecleer and Animal Morality.” Rethinking Chaucerian Beasts. Ed. Carolynn Van Dyke. Palgrave, 2012.
  • Megan Palmer Browne (English), co-authored with Patricia Fumerton, Carl Stahmer, and Kristina McAbee. “Vexed Impressions: Toward a Digital Archive of Broadside Ballad Illustrations.” Digitizing Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture. Eds. Brent Nelson and Melissa Terras. Arizona State UP, 2012.
  • Carlos Pio (Spanish and Portuguese), “Da ‘Estoire del Saint Graal’ ao ‘Livro de José de Arimateia’: as relações entre a edição de Paris de 1516 e o manuscrito português.” Actas del XI Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Hispánica de Literatura Medieval. Vol. 1. Eds. Armando López Castro y María Luzdivina Cuesta Torre. Universidad de León, 2005.
  • Anneliese Pollock (French and Italian), “Traduction et adaptation d’un manuscrit des XXI Epistres d’Ovide appartenant à Louise de Savoie (BnF fr. 875)” [“Translation and Adaptation of a Manuscript Version of the XXI Epistres d’Ovide belonging to Louise of Savoy (BnF fr. 875)”]. Women, Art and Culture in Medieval and Early Renaissance Europe. Eds. Cynthia Brown and Anne-Marie Legaré. Brepols, forthcoming.

Dissertations in Progress

  • Aria Dal Molin (French and Italian), “A Transalpine Theatrical Conversation: French Farce and Italian Renaissance Comedy”
  • Abby Dowling (History), “Landscape, Politics, and Identity: Countess Mahaut of Artois’ Natural Resource Management, ca. 1302-1329”
  • Jessica Elliott (History), “The Changing Status of Converted Jews in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century Northern France”
  • Joe Figliuolo (History), “The State within Society: Florence in Tuscany, 1343-1363”
  • Jonathan Forbes (English), “Parliamentary Talking Cures: Trauma, Poetry, and Political Speech in Late Medieval England and Scotland”
  • Lauren Horn Griffin (Religious Studies), “The Battle for Bede: Sacred History and Religious Identity in Early Modern England”
  • Andrew Magnusson (History), “Muslim-Zoroastrian Relations and Religious Violence in Early Islamic Iran”
  • Shannon Meyer (English), “From Tower to Bower: Women, Architecture, and the Construction of Class in Middle English Literature”
  • Megan Palmer Browne (English), “Avian Eloquence in Premodern English Literature”
  • Carlos Pio (Spanish and Portuguese), “Estudo e Edição do manuscrito fonds portugais 9 da Bibliothèque nationale de France da ‘Crónica Geral de Espanha de 1344′” [“Study and Edition of Manuscript Fonds Portugais 9 of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France of the ‘Crónica Geral de Espanha de 1344′”]
  • Anneliese Pollock (French and Italian), “Woman Transformed: Images of Women in French Vernacular Translations at the Dawn of the Renaissance”
  • Sophia Rochmes (History of Art and Architecture), “Color’s Absence: Medium and Materiality in Burgundian Grisaille Manuscripts”

Research Travel

  • Aria Dal Molin (French and Italian), Albert and Elaine Borchard Fellowship in European Studies, 2012-2013, Florence and Siena, Italy.
  • Abby Dowling (History), Huntington Library Mayers Fellow, 2012, Pasadena, CA; Summer Fellow at the Dumbarton Oaks Library, 2013, Washington, D.C.; UCSB History Associates Fellowship, UCSB Graduate Division Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant, Albert and Elaine Borchard European Studies Fellowship, and UCSB History Department for research in Arras, Lille, and Paris, France, and London, UK; French-American Cultural Exchange: Partner University Fund, Lille, France.
  • Jessica Elliott (History), Bourse Chateaubriand for Dissertation Research in France, The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Paris, October 2010–June 2011); Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation European Studies Fellowship, UCSB Division of Humanities and Fine Arts (Paris, October 2010–June 2011); Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant, UCSB Graduate Division (London, June 2011); Departmental Grant for Research Travel, UCSB Department of History (Paris, June–July 2007).
  • Joe Figliuolo (History), Borchard Foundation Fellowship in European Studies, 2012; UCSB Dean’s Advancement Fellowship, 2013, Florence, Italy.
  • Carlos Pio (Spanish and Portuguese), Wofsy Travel Award, UCSB Department of Spanish and Portuguese Department, 2013; UCSB Center for Portuguese Studies Travel fellowship, 2013.
  • Anneliese Pollock (French and Italian), Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation Fellowship in European Studies, 2013, Paris, France.
  • Andrew Magnusson (History)UCSB Department of History Travel Grant, 2012, London and Oxford, UK; Dublin, Ireland.
  • Sophia Rochmes (History of Art and Architecture), Getty Research Institute Scholars Program, 2012-13, Los Angeles, CA; Medieval Academy of America Schallek Award, 2012; Utrecht University Short-Stay Fellowship, 2011.

Medieval Studies Faculty

  • Edward D. English, executive director (History)
  • Carol Lansing, chair (History)
  • Debra Blumenthal (History)
  • Heather Blurton (English)
  • Cynthia Brown (French and Italian)
  • Jody Enders (French and Italian)
  • Sharon Farmer (History)
  • Aranye Fradenburg (English)
  • Carol Braun Pasternack (English)
  • Harvey L. Sharrer (Spanish and Portuguese)

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